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Affairs with married men psychology

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Affairs with married men psychology

May 23, 2012 · And, according to Aaran Ben-Ze’ev, author of Love Online, it’s not uncommon for men to be conducting two or even four affairs at once. Even innocent flirting with co-workers can hurt a marriage. Sep 02, 2015 · A new article in Women’s Health explores the reasons a woman might pursue a married man, and it’s quite horrifying. The Women’s Health piece focuses on the reasons a woman might choose to ...

1. "I'll never do it again. But it's not like I've had some ethical reawakening. All that sneaking around will drive a man crazy after a while. Even if you're in a bad place in your marriage, the deceit will weigh on you and it's just not worth it in the end. My exploits will probably send me to the grave a decade earlier than ...Just as the name implies, this affair can last for many years and may even span the entire lifetime of the marriage once it has blossomed. In this affair, quite often the spouse that is being cheated on will know about the affair but will choose to turn a blind eye to the situation. Often a sense of loyalty to the marriage is more to blame than ...The vast majority of ladies who have affairs with married men usually stumble in with their eyes and ears firmly shut. Their deluded hearts are full of false hopes and broken promises, and they are madly in love with their Mr. Unavailable. Most extramarital affairs are doomed to failure. Be prepared for heartache, disappointment, guilt, and lies.According to a study conducted by, 60% of married men have admitted to cheating while only 2% of these men were caught or later confessed. Only 10% of these affairs were one-night stands. While a women falls in love with a man for who he is, a man falls in love with the way a woman makes him feel.

In this video, Dr. Joe Beam discusses the situation of being married but in love with someone else. SUBSCRIBE to Marriage Helper's YouTube Channel so that yo...