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Can you visit someone in county jail

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Can you visit someone in county jail

California's San Luis Obispo County Jail violated the constitutional rights of incarcerated people by failing to provide adequate medical and mental health care and subjecting some inmates to ...

With all housing units up and running, the jail has a maximum capacity of 594 people. Another 120 people can be detained at the Hinds County Work Center. One of the pods at the Raymond facility is currently being renovated, cutting down on the number of people that can be held.Visits must be arranged 24 hours in advance. A limited number of visitation slots are available. To set up an inmate visitation call 303-441-4600. If you have been incarcerated in any jail within the last six months (or 180 days), you will not be allowed to visit. Boulder County Jail Visitation.Q: Can I visit an inmate in the jail? A: In order for you to visit an inmate at the Collin County Detention Facility, the inmate must place your name on their visitation list prior to the visitation time. Inmates may only change their list monthly. For the visitation schedule, contact 972-547-5224.The El Paso County Jail Annex is located at 12501 E. Montana El Paso, TX 79938, ( map ). It was opened in late 1997- as part of the Leo Samaniego Law Enforcement Complex. The Jail Annex is “campus style” podular/modular design. It contains twelve “pods.”. If you have a safety concern regarding an inmate please call the SUICIDE HOTLINE, which is monitored 24/7. (717)-664-LIFE(5433) Beginning on August 18, 2021 -All civilian visitation will be cancelled until further notice. To see the latest Lancaster County Prison Inmate Update Click Here. This update has been distributed to the entire inmate ...

If you are unsure and feel you may know someone who is committed to the jail, please call 724-471-7500, follow the prompts and ask for the Shift Sergeant. The Shift Sergeant will be able to verify incarceration. You can also contact your local law enforcement agency for guidance.