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Child predator discord server

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Child predator discord server

1 in 3 said they had actually experienced sexting in some way — whether sending, receiving, asking, being asked, sharing or showing nude or nearly nude pictures. 5% said they had sent an intimate image, and 19% of these said they did it because they trusted the person they sent it to. 15% reported being asked for an image, with 52% of ...

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app for kids and adults ages 13 and up. Recently, Discord has become more and more popular with children. In this app, children can chat and make friends freely. However, using Discord may also expose children to various online dangers, such as child predators, cyberbullies, etc. 39 59 57 13.6k 18. Online! 1/100 players • last ping 47 minutes ago. Established on PMC • posted 2 years ago . 6 hours ago.Discord also allows you to take care of improper behavior yourself. If you are a moderator or server owner, you can kick people for violating Discord's guidelines. However, it is essential to have a reason to kick someone. Otherwise, it may be seen as an abuse of power. Here are activities to look out for before kicking someone: Spam messages ...

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