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Greek romanization converter

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Greek romanization converter

Greek and Hebrew Encoding Converter (Ken Penner - online: copy/paste textbox) From: Unicode, SPIonic, Greek BETA, SGreek, LaserGreek, AG, SPTiberian, Linguist HebraicaII, B-Hebrew transliteration, Greek Unicode NFD, Unaccented Greek Unicode, Greek Code Page

Most of the Greek Gods and Goddesses were adopted by the ancient Romans, although in most cases there was a change of name. In the table below is a list of the Greek Gods and Heroes and their Roman equivalents: Greek Name Roman Name Role Zeus Jupiter King of the Gods Hera Juno Goddess of […]About Greek Transliteration tool. We have used Google Transliteration Service in our Greek transliteration tool. Due to which it provides very fast and accurate typing. So that we Typing in Greek does becomes very easy. You don't need to memorize the Greek keyboard to use our Greek typing tool. Because we type in English. Example:-Pos se lene.

Here is a transliteration of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address into Greek letters. Φουρ σκορε ανδ σεβεν yεαρσ αγο ουρ φαθερσ βρουτ φορθ ον θισ κοντινεντ, α νευι νατιον, κονσειβεδ ιν Λιβερτy, ανδ δεδικατεδ το θε προποσιτιον θατ αλλ μεν αρε κρεατεδ εκυιυαλ ...Greek Transliteration and Greeklish Translation. 2008-05-26: Now the Greek community and Greek learners are provided with the Greeklish translator, which converts between Greek and Latin scripts. Transliteration of Belarusian. 2008-05-23: Just after the Bulgarian version, the Belarusian Transliteration converter follows. Any feedback from the ...