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Highschool dxd lemon oc

Rated M. (OcxAkenoxharem) (IsseixRiasxharem) Lemons in later chapters. After coming home from Kyoto, Issei ends up having a rather unexpected SITUATION with Akeno for keeping secrets. ONE-SHOT ISSEI X AKENO LEMON. fanfiction of Highschool of DxD, using OC character with harem and lemons as the main focus of the story.

Espero que les guste!!!! Porfavor no olvides darle like y suscribirte al canal!!!Muchas gracias ;) 🐉Pagina Oficial: School DxD HERO - 09. 「若手最強決定戦、開始です!. 」 ( Wakate Saikyou Kettei-sen, Kaishi desu!) "The Deciding Battle of the Strongest Youth, Begins!". Turns out boobs wasn't the answer this time. It was communication.Highschool Dxd x male reader lemon [I DONT OWN THIS STORY ANYMORE] - the demon in armour. this is going to be a lemon of you the reader and a bunch of the girls in the show i might copy the show but add my own little twist to it i hope you enjoy. Article by Wattpad. 2.4k.YOU ARE READING. Demon God Of Destruction (highschool dxd oc) - Hiatus Action. Alex Gremory is a prodigy in the use of all kind of magic so much so he mastered every form of magic and even created a resistance in light magic so he is not poised in light magic and let's talk about his control over power destruction his control...This will feature a parody of Highschool DxD with an original main High School DxD Producer Talks About Possible Anime Sequels 2462088 - safe, artist:symptom99, oc, oc only, oc:mazin, human, comic:eureka! let's isekai, equestria girls, angry, anime, barely pony related, breasts, clothes, comic, eyes closed, high school dxd, hug, isekai ...

Highschool DxD: Blue Dragon Emperor [On Hold/Under Rewrite] 355K 4.1K 89. Alex a child that was born and raised in a church in U.S.A, Alaska with his mother for five years of his life. At young age, Alex develop the ability to control water and ice. Many of the church folk call him the Son of the Holy One. Looking for OC-centric High School DxD fics. Recs Wanted. Could be whatever pairing, idgaf. I'm just tired of reading the same fucking story over and over again. I found some real gems in there, but it seems like it's buried under a pile of anti-Issei NTR and canon clones. 1 comment. share. save. hide.