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Holden kingswood engine specs

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Holden kingswood engine specs

The L36 was a 3.8-litre pushrod V6 petrol engine that was used in Holden vehicles from 1995 to 2004. Although the L36 'ECOTEC' engine retained the 90-degree 'V' cylinder banks, 96.5 mm bores, 86.3 mm stroke and 3791 cc capacity of its LN3 predecessor, the L36 engine was a significant redesign and the changes provided freer-revving characteristics, greater power and quieter operation.VT SUPERCHARGED V6 TECH SPECS. Model Information Vehicle Manufacturer: Holden Vehicle Model: Commodore VT Year: 1997 1999 VIN Location: Passenger side bottom of the windscreen Engine Number Location: Flat surface of engine block passenger side V, below coil Engine Information: 6 Cylinders, OHV, 3791 cc, VH Engine Power Output: 171 Kw @ 5200 RPM Torque: 375 Nm @ 3600 RPM Fuel Type & Octane ...

Holden Commodore VZ. Year of Introduction: Aug 2004. Engine: 3.6 litre Alloytec EFI V6 ; 5.7 V8 EFI and from 2006 production 6.0 Gen 4 V8 EFI. Power: 175kW (V6) ; 190kW (High Output) & 260kW (V8) Transmission: 5 speed manual & 4 speed or 5 speed auto. 6 speed manual on SS sedan & ute.Holden six cylinder engines from 138 grey motor through to 202 black & blue motor. Chev 235,250 & 292 straight six cylinder engines std replacement & identification of long blocks & parts as well as high performance parts & modifications Chevy 200, 229, 262 & 4.3L V6 engines with & with out balance shafts also known as Vortec v-6 engines.Holden Kingswood overview. In the last year, the Holden Kingswood has been listed 234 times by sellers on Trade Me, with a median asking price of $27,508. The Holden Kingswood has 5 body styles, with the most popular being the ute. However, generally the most expensive style is the sedan. The average safety rating for the Holden Kingswood is 2 ...Bore and Stroke: 3.625 x 3.25 inches (92.1 x 82.6mm) Power: 135bhp (101kw) at 4400rpm. Torque: 194lb-ft (263Nm) at 2000rpm. Compression Ratio: 9.4:1. 253 4.2 Litre LC V8 Engine: Capacity: 253 cubic inches (4.146 litres) Type: Conventional, watercooled four stroke, reciprocating piston type with 8 cylinders.Holden Kingswood utility Engines and transmissions [ edit ] The 161 cu in (2.6 L) and 186 cu in (3.0 L) inline six-cylinder engines were carried over from the HT range, as were the 253 cu in (4.1 L), 308 cu in (5.0 L) and 350 cu in (5.7 L) V8 engines .

The XLD28 is a 2.8-liter, four-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine produced by General Motors for mid-size pickup trucks, SUVs, and other diesel-powered vehicles. It is part of GM's XLD engine family ...