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How to bypass bitlocker recovery key on dell laptop

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How to bypass bitlocker recovery key on dell laptop

Bitlocker is unlocked when you unlock Windows by typing your PIN (or scanning your fingerprint or face, if you set that up). Bitlocker will lock itself when you lock Windows, put the machine to sleep, hibernate or turn it off. In your current circumstances, it is better to switch to Bitlocker with TPM+PIN.

2. Open the Control Panel (icons view), click on the BitLocker Drive Encryption icon, and click on the Unlock Drive link for the locked drive that you would like to unlock. (see screenshot below) A) If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes. B) Close the Control Panel, and go to step 4 or 5. OR. 3.TL:DR - Bitlocker recovery was triggered after updates, and locked the computer. Tried various different accounts, none claimed to have Bitlocker key associated with it. Account used to log in to the computer showed that it was in fact linked to the computer, but no key was present in the account.Step 4. Write down the password listed next to "Dell by Serial Number." Turn on your Latitude and enter this password into the prompt to bypass the lock. If your service tag is only seven digits long, append "-595B" to the tag and write down the resulting password. Repeat for "-D35B" and "-2A7B." Apr 25, 2015 · Dell Venue 8 Pro stuck in Bitlocker recovery loop with no way to enter the recovery key My DV8P is stuck in Bitlocker recovery loop. I cannot enter the recovery key that I have stored on MS account/OneDrive because when I click inside the text area to enter the key, the on-screen keyboard does not pop up.

No recovery key was provided by the vendor. Mounting the SSD on my machine would ask for Bitlocker recovery key. In the laptop's BIOS, they had TPM 2.0 enabled.