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Lords mobile guild fest quests points list

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Lords mobile guild fest quests points list

Quest Types. Hidden Quest: The most basic type of quest that is similar to field quest but has less relations to the main scenario. The rewards are simple items and a decent amount of experience points. Scenario Quest: A story-telling type quest that is based on Cabal Online's game scenario. Field Quest: Field quests are similar to hidden ...

The Eorzea Database Quests page. ... The Four Lords. Chronicles of a New Era - Eden. YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse. Chronicles of a New Era - The Sorrow of Werlyt. Sidequests. Side Story Quests. ... Doman Adventurers' Guild Quests. Doman Reconstruction Quests. Tales from the Shadows. Void Quests.Lords Mobile Guild Fest Cheat Sheet. Events are integral part of Lords Mobile, and Guild Fest is the most important them of all. It is a week long event, unlike other events, rewards list of the Lords Mobile Guild Fest is exuberant. More your guild advances in gauntlet, more reward tiers are unlocked. With all the top guilds require more points ...Shiroe is a Half-Alv Enchanter - Scribe and the main protagonist of the Log Horizon series. A veteran player of the MMORPG Elder Tale, he establishes the guild Log Horizon in order to improve the city of Akiba after the Catastrophe . In the real world, he was a 23-year old engineering graduate student named Kei Shirogane (城鐘恵, Shirogane ...

Guild Fest: Not using max quests, failure to meet minimum points set prior to start. Not participating in KvK, Guild Bash, Guild Showdown, etc. Not contributing to hunting events. Not following an R4/R5 instructions; Being stupid ;P