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Mcyt x reader one shots lemon

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Mcyt x reader one shots lemon

termsvoa afaan oromoo. I've been reading some Yandere x Male reader stories, so I decided to make a book like they did. com Yandere Crush x Male Reader (Lemon) A/N: this was an extra one requested by Thatpowerfuldude. A yandere is a person romantically obsessed with someone to the point of abnormality.

bad timing . rick flag x reader. WARNINGS: cursing, mentions of gore, violence. Originally posted by din-the-husbandalorian-djarin. heaving breaths escape your lips as you sprint through the woods, ignoring as the twigs from the trees whipped at your body. the group was split, there were more men here than anticipated, and you were heavily unprepared. so much for your first mission.This is a slew of one-shots that are romantic in some areas, humoric, and then just straight on, well, I don't know yet. Anyway, requests are asked for, also, these are all straight lemons. No phobo, but look in for a better description. This is semi-complete which means it's complete, since they're one shots, but it's also not finished.[ dream smp x fem!oc ] “CHAT! DID THE DREAM JUST DONATE?! WHAT THE-“ “LANGUAGE!” “-MUFFIN!” When Badboyhalo streams with an unknown twitch streamer by the name of ‘Tangerine’, the Dream Team decide to swoop in and greet them. Young Jae Han or rather known as ‘Tangerine’ is surprised by the sudde...

Pinned Post mcyt x y/n mcyt x reader mcyt x you masterlist wilbur soot x y/n wilbur soot x you sbi x reader dream smp x reader dreamsmp x reader mcyt philza x you philza x y/n minecraft x reader dream x reader Technoblade x reader Technoblade x y/n Ranboo dsmp tubbo myct platonic one-shot drabble fanfiction sapnap x reader sapnap x y/n ...Creepypasta X Reader One shots Chapter 32: BRVR, an anime . DA: 18 PA: 45 MOZ Rank: 82. Follow/Fav Creepypasta X Reader One shots; Hey! You will see this story on wattpad, quotev and on archiveofourown (A03) because I have accounts on all platforms; Please do enjoy! Some may not be good because it's younger me and i never edited!