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Pixel 4 battery draining fast

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Pixel 4 battery draining fast

1. Change Mail From Push To Fetch. Push mail is one of the biggest reasons why your iPhone battery drains fast. When your mail is set to push rather than fetch, your email server will be constantly connected to your iPhone so that you can receive emails as soon as they arrive in your inbox.. When you switch to fetch, your iPhone will connect to your email server every certain number of minutes ...Here are 10 things you can do: 1. Keep your battery from going to 0% or 100%. Some of you might think that the best way to keep your battery healthy is to charge it and discharge it fully i.e. to try to charge it to 100% and drain it completely. You might have heard that calibrating your battery makes it work better.

Pixel 4 owners have complained about a weird battery bug for months now, and it seems like the recent Android 11 update hasn't fixed anything — and may have only exacerbated the issue ...

Here is Why the battery is draining fast on your Asus ROG Phone 2 and the Complete Asus ROG Phone 2 Fast Issue Fix. You can follow the instructions provided below to fix this battery life issue on your Smartphone. ... Google Pixel 4a Overheating Problem [Complete Solution] by Vladimir March 3, 2021, 10:22 am. Trending . Acer Nitro 5 Overheating ...