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Port 3389 blocked remote desktop

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Port 3389 blocked remote desktop

Oct 01, 2020 · Next, check the RDP listener port. By default, Remote Desktop service will use port 3389 unless you change it. If some other application is using the same port, you won’t be able to connect. To check the remote desktop port that’s being used: Type Windows + R and in the dialog box, type Regedit Apr 29, 2015 · RDP works fine with the default port of 3389. So try 3389 and let’s see what happens.” So, back to the Azure portal I went, updating the public port to be 3389, matching the private port. And then, trying RDP again, we see success: Which then led to this exchange: “I thought you said we didn’t block any ports!”

How big of an asset is "Remote desktop port changeability"? As you may know the default port number of remote desktop is 3389, which is quite an unsecure port, as potential hackers can easily trace it by scanning users' systems, and proceed to launch their attacks trough an authorized user's port. Port 3389 not listening. Hi all, I do not get RDC to work on my Windows 8 system. On my Windows 8 System I have enabled "Remote Assistance", also the service "Remote Desktop" is running. On the Windows 8 System the port 3389 is not listening, so I assume this is the reason.There are a lot of third party remote control pieces software around such as the popular freeware tools VNC, and TeamViewer, but there are times when the built-in Remote Desktop Connection feature in Windows 7 is the most useful since it’s already present in Windows and you don’t need to install any third party software.

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