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Pvc yagi

A portable 2-element VHF yagi May, 1997 Here's a simple Saturday project: build a portable VHF yagi antenna for 2 meters. All you need is two rabbit ear antennas from Radio Shack, two CATV baluns, four feet of 3/4" CPVC pipe with one tee, and a bit of time. This sketch shows a semi-exploded view of the antenna.

The Yagi-array handles 1 KW HF without any problems and was used for a test in the Alpe-Adria-Contest 2010. The array works excellent with a very good antenna pattern. The measured SWR of the complete group in the common feeding point is <=1,1 beween 144,0 and 144,8 MHz.This Yagi uses items from Home Depot. It has two reflectors, a loop-coupled driven element, and seven directors, all made of ½″ copper pipe, on a 122″ boom made of 1½″ ABS pipe. The red dot marks the 75Ω feedpoint. I optimized the design with the AO 9.67 Antenna Optimizer. The loop couples to the first director in a way that greatly ...

The impressive 19dBi gain is achieved by routing and connecting two 16dBi Yagi antennas to function as one antenna array. This type of package is designed for the most remote and geographically challenging areas, where signal is almost non-existent. Phasing of antennas should be at a distance of between 850mm to 900mm. MTM Scientific, Inc.