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U+297F: Supplemental Arrows-B U+2980 ... U+29FF: Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B U+2A00 ... U+2AFF: Supplemental Mathematical Operators U+2B00 ... U+2BFF: Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows U+2C00 ...

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Key: JVMV-CCD9-P5AJ-4N98 ID: 3DA77 Key: TVMG-HML5-MVPM-QXTR ID: 3SN63 Key: 7430-R34L-E5PW-MX89 ID: 4XZ22 Key: BV92-VJTL-DQBE-YCWQ ID: 2ZD23 Key: 7N9P-JEJF-BLG8-RG14 ID: 8SY77 Key: MXCD-XU3T-JAPB-YPYT ID: 8HV33 Key: 2TF6-E1EB-QKM5-4C3X ID: 2VB65 Key...s7netplus A .NET Library for Siemens S7 Connectivity Overview Documentation Supported PLC Supported frameworks Compile Nuget Latest build (Appveyor) Running the tests. A .NET Library for Siemens S7 Connectivity.