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State farm 6128j amendatory endorsement

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State farm 6128j amendatory endorsement

The provisions of REPORTING A CLAIM OR LOSS DUTIES OF ALL PERSONS, AND ALL ENTITIES SEEKING COVERAGE AND ALL INSUREDS AND ALL DESIGNEES apply to the mortgagee.. If a person or entity is named as a mortgagee in the Declarations, any total loss payable under SECTION I shall be paid to the mortgagee shown in the Declarations or any assignee known to us, and to the insured according to the ...This endorsement changes. CL 0160 02 16. the policy. Page 1 of 5 -- PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY -- AMENDATORY ENDORSEMENT . FLORIDA . 1. Under Common Policy Conditions, Cancellation is deleted and replaced by the following: Cancellation. a. "You" may cancel this policy by: 1) returning the policy to "us"; or . 2) giving "us" written notice and ...

The circuit court found, with respect to this policy provision, that State Farm submitted Amendatory Endorsement 6069AG, containing such language, to the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner for approval in November, 1989. The Commissioner approved this definition of underinsured motor vehicle in December, 1989, and this Amendatory Endorsement ...FE-2340 AMENDATORY ENDORSEMENT DECLARATIONS CONTINUED The following is added: When you request changes to this policy, or the infor-mation or factors used to calculate the premium for this policy changes during the policy period, we may adjust the premium in accordance with the change during the

INLAND MARINE ATTACHING DECLARATION~J StateFarm A", STATE FARM LLOYDS ALLOYDS COMPANY INDALLAS, TEXAS P.D. 80)5J991oo Dallas, TX 75379-9100 Policy Number 93.BM.C025.6 Ioill 8 9; M-08-7732-FA55 F Z Named Insured JOHN R HIBBARD CO INC