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Ticci toby x emotionless reader

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Ticci toby x emotionless reader

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Browse through and read its all about love stories and books Soulmates (Ticci Toby X Reader). ** ayeee its ty lol. heres some guidelines: toby is not going to be all obsessed with waffles n shit, and he will still have the canon personality from kastoway but he isnt going to be the total sweetheart like many romanticize him to be. he's a killer with various disorders...Ticci Toby x Listener chapter 10!!! Yandere Creepy pasta x reader one shots! (Sorry for the late vid guys!)Метки → ticci-toby. Оба получили желаемое~ 18+ [Ticci-Toby].

Search: Yandere Boyfriend X Reader Oneshot. If you are look for Yandere Boyfriend X Reader Oneshot, simply cheking out our information below : Oct 15, 2014 · Toby was silent the entire walk, blushing strawberry red. [M/n] was calm and emotionless, as usual. Blank face, uncaring eyes, and hands in his pockets. Well, for awhile. Half way to [M/n]’s house, he had wrapped an arm around Toby’s shoulder, still emotionless. Toby had to know. He thought [M/n] was asexual! He always acted it!