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What version of bmw idrive do i have

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What version of bmw idrive do i have

cle, the new software version will be displayed: 1."My Vehicle" 2."iDrive settings" 3."Software update" 4."Show current version" Notes Switch off the vehicle at the end of the software update. Transmitted data from external devices will be re-synchronized where required. Tracks or playlists that were played back prior to

BMW in particular have a clever system regarding keys, DSB & on some vehicles the ability to display service history within the vehicles i-Drive display. How it works, in a basic principle: The car stores CBS (Conditional Based Servicing) data on the cars control units (CBS deserves a write up of its own!) This data is replicated in the key.BMW iDrive system identification. iDrive is a computer system used to control most secondary vehicle systems in many current BMW cars. Not sure what version you have? Use the guide below to find out. This is the "CCC" version of iDrive. It was in use until around 2009 (year varies by vehicle model) and was replaced by the "CIC" version ...2007-'10 BMW 1 Series Version Without iDrive. 1. Inflate all tires to correct pressure specifications. 2. Start engine, but do not drive off. 3. Touch the scroll lever on the turn signal stock up or down until the TPMS symbol and the word RESET appear. 4. Press the button on the end of the stalk to confirm selection of Run Flat Indicator. 5.

Do I have to reinstall the BMW Download Manager for every manual map update? ... Where can I find the currently installed version of the navigation map in my BMW? The currently installed version of the navigation map in your BMW can be found in the BMW iDrive menu "Navigation". Press the "Option" button on the right side under the iDrive ...To do that, your built-in BMW Navigation Map needs an update every year. So it can keep giving you the satisfaction you have come to expect, in more ways than one. Read more . ... Select the menu item Navigation system version using the iDrive controller and press down once.